(Some) Facts

I'm not that keen on telling all about me on a website, but this I don't mind to share: born, raised and living in Limburg, the South of the Netherlands.

Graduated as "bachelor in Electronics & Telecom" in 2005. Currently working at JPE, a high-tech engineering company in the Netherlands that develops high-tech mechanical (precision) constructions and instruments as well as positioning products for use in cryo-vacuum environments.

Besides being a father of two boys and work I have quite a few hobby's and no time to spend ;) No, that's not really true, but sometimes I wish I had more hours available. Photography, music mixing, webdesign, travelling, general tech stuff ... you can read about it in the next tab called "Projects".


Here are a couple of projects I like to work on and things I love to do in my free time: photography, music, tech stuff, travelling.


My photography on DeviantArt.


My photography on Unsplash.

Imag|in|e Limburg

Photography of Limburg.

Music Creation

Find my music on Soundcloud.

Music Mixing

Listen to my studio mix sets on Mixcloud.

I like to tweak and work on simple websites (like this one!).

I love LEGO Technic!


Touring & Sightseeing routes on WikiLoc.


I support Free Open Source Photography.


... and look forward to a different kind of Social Network.

Feel free to get in touch!

If you think you know me, you can find me on LinkedIn or Facebook (but note that I do not accept everyone by default ;). However, it would be really cool if you'd find me on Okuna! Because that would mean you also look forward to a better social network then the onces currently online. You can find me there as @ronaldsmeets.

If you're interested, my curriculum vitae is available on request (contact me via LinkedIn). You can also send me a message using the form below:

Note: after clicking the Send Message button, you'll be redirected to Formspree for a Google reCaptcha validation, which you have to go through before your message will be send. Not ideal, I know. It's just a way to keep spammers away :)